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We would help you from selecting target markets, analyzing and qualifying the target markets, to formulating marketing strategies for each target market. 

Our Strategic Market Planning System consists of four embodiment processes as follows:
  • Process 1: Selecting target markets. This process would help you segment your markets and learn about the customers in each segment. The process will then help you screen the market segments and select the most potential markets.
  • Process 2: Analyzing target markets. Now, this process would help you evaluate your company's abilities to succeed in the target markets, comparatively to your competitors'.
  • Process 3: Rating target markets. Based on the information gained from the previous steps, this process would help you determine your abilities to best meet the customer's needs and beat the competition.
  • Process 4: Formulating marketing strategies. With this process, we would assist you in formulating marketing strategies for each target market and developing sales plans.
This Strategic Market Planning System shall follow one of the two alternative approaches which are differently designed for either business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketers.
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