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  • TRUONG DOAN Marketing Group's history can be traced back to the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics where our group founders worked in economic research and investment consultancy services for a number of foreign investment projects which first responded to the call for “Doi Moi” of Viet Nam in the early 1990s.

  • 1993: Having identified our advantages on doing marketing research, we took efforts to develop specific capabilities and to seek for opportunities. Eventually in 1993, we successfully handled the first and largest media survey in Viet Nam at international standards in coordination with The Survey Research Group.

  • 1999: TRUONG DOAN Company Limited was established as a custom research and marketing services agency with a vision of offering a portfolio of services for marketing and advertising business supports.

  • 2000: We brought the clients’ focus in marketing operational efficiency to create unique capabilities in field marketing operations. We have successfully built up sampling systems for Nestle and large scaled promotion systems for Vietnam Brewery Limited, for which we have been working as the clients’ preferred agency until now.

  • 2006: We formulated Data Development Solutions Company Limited, a member company of the group, with primary focus on handling the specific needs for data processing and data management.

  • 2008: We had a strategic alignment of our organization into the two specialist business units specializing in custom marketing research and field marketing operations, to live up with our promise of building the highest commitment in every client’s assignment we accomplish.
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