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To build data processing solutions as one area of excellence for our business, we strive to:
  • Organize our efforts to have the experienced team of dedicated full and part time staff who are responsible for coding, scanning and data entry.
  • Set up the multifunctional teams responsible for checking paper questionnaires for completeness, manual editing of key questions and coding of open-ended answers using standardised coding templates.
  • Closely work  with the data collection team for writing the frames and work with the researcher for providing a full briefing to ensure all relevant issues are incorporated. 
  • Enable the coding team to perform an important quality control role by picking up any systematic interviewer errors and reporting these to the project team and to the fieldwork division.
  • Comply with strict quality assurance methods in every stage of the data processing work-flows, involving in coding validation, data entry verification by double-punching, data edit and logic checks.

To build competencies in the data management software solutions, we strive to:
  • Make our approach in defining the solution design requirements always start from analyzing the high-level business needs before going to characterizing the detailed use cases analog.
  • Utilize the right procedures to analyze the design requirements and to implement the solutions, from the comprehensive Rationale Unified Processes to the flexible Extreme Programming.
  • Our software developers and programmers have been working closely with the project teams on the users side, so they have solid knowledge and practical experience in the business domain involved.
  • Carefully test run to provide totally-error-free solutions.
  • Listen to the clients’ feedback and keep them well informed.
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